Summer Camps

WE ARE READY FOR ANOTHER AWESOME SUMMER ART CAMP EXPERIENCE! Come on out for some super funtastic art adventures. We can't wait to explore new amazing art mediums and projects. The best part about summer art camp, besides all the fun, is that we get to do so much more than the regular school year art program. We do not have the space and storage constraints and are able to work on more 3D projects that need to dry between sessions and be worked on a little each day! This opens up a much bigger world of art opportunities! WE SIMPLY LOVE SUMMER ART CAMP!!!

Join us for a fun filled week of Artastic adventure. We explore a wide variety of art media and celebrate creative expression in each camp. From the Messy to the Masters and the Fantasy to our Natural World; our weekly themes embrace your child's individuality!

Session A - June 12th - 15th / Westview Elementary / Camp 1 

"Painting and Mixed Media Masterpieces!"This is a camp I have long wanted to do with all fun techniques available to layer artistic goodness upon more artistic goodness! This camp will have a wide variety of themes and will focus on creating art that uses tons of different media. One project that is super cool will be using alcohol inks (they travel and blend beautifully with unexpected surprises) for the background and then we will layer exciting foreground elements to add beauty and pop! Hard to explain, but WOW are they cool! We will also incorporate some 3D art this week because that is always a favorite among the students. Get ready to be WOWED by your child's imagination and creativity as we ignite some serious creative fun! As always, one art piece will come home framed in a lovely wooden frame - ready to hang on your walls for years of admiration! I expect this camp will soon become a summer favorite!

Session A - June 12th - 15th / Westview Elementary / Camp 2

"Under The Sea!"So you love the ocean and all that lives beneath the waves. Come along as we explore the great blue sea and make fabulous art in the theme of the sun & the surf, pirates & sharks, and mermaids & sea creatures too. We use lots of different media in this camp including, many forms of Painting, Mixed Media, Clay, Collage, a Metal Wind Chime, and much more. We even recycle 2-liter bottles and turn them into the coolest fish sculptures you’ve ever seen! This summer is extra special because I have learned a new (and safe) fun way to incorporate glass into mixed collage with an AMAZING result! It's hard to explain, but the results will simply WOW you!!! This camp always makes a BIG SPLASH, so don’t miss it!!! You will receive one art piece professionally finished and ready to hang on your wall too!

Session B - June 19th - 22nd / Ooltewah Elementary / Camp 3 

“Minecraft, Animal Jam & Superheroes”! - Focus is on what is all the rage with the young artists today! We will explore these fun computer games, mascots and themes, learn to draw them and build each young artist's inspired gallery of art from the subject matter they LOVE! From the latest Animal Jam characters, to pic axes, to Batman and so on….. this camp will be tailored to each child’s tastes and their favorite things will be incorporated into the various projects we create. Paintings in watercolor, acrylics, mixed media and more will be completed. We will design our own hero with our own favorite super powers and create a cape that they can wear home from camp on the last day too! Come get ready for some super fun and amazing art in this new camp! All projects in this camp are new this summer with the exception of the capes because the students LOVED them and begged me to do them again. As always, one art piece will be framed and ready to hang at the end of camp along with all their other frame-worthy art pieces!!!

Session B - June 19th - 22nd / Ooltewah Elementary / Camp 4 

"Mom Would NEVER Let Me Do This At Home!!!"All New Projects for 2017 with the exception of paint balloons! We haven't done them in a couple of years, but they're just too much fun not to include in our abstract canvas! Art at its "not in my home" messiest. Enjoy the fantastic finished products without the clean-up! Our most popular camp! Do you want to create REALLY COOL stuff all the time, but often hear, “That will make too big of a mess. Not Today.” or “Maybe later?” Believe it or not, my kids hear that from me too, but not during this week of camp. We’ve got BIG PLANS and big drippy zones to keep things protected that need to be protected:) Many different kinds of ART will be explored including Ice Painting, Bleeding Tissue Paper Creations, Tye-Dye T-shirts, (safe) exploding paint canisters & Messy Paper plaster cast strips turned into amazing sculptures! Don’t worry kids, we will be throwing & squirting paint onto an abstract masterpiece this summer too - think Jackson Pollock! Plus too much more to list here! Don’t worry, once our art is dry it will be Messy No More - Just Many Marvelous Masterpieces to be hung, worn or admired! Wear old clothes to this camp - they will not come home the same. And be prepared for one art piece to come home in a beautiful wooden frame ready to hang along with many more amazing art pieces!


Session A - June 12th - 15th / Westview Elementary

CAMP 1: "Painting & Mixed Media Masterpieces!" / AM / 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

CAMP 2: "Under The Sea!" / PM / 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm 

Session B - June 19th - 22nd / Ooltewah Elementary 

CAMP 3: “Minecraft, Animal Jam & Superheroes”! / AM / 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

CAMP 4: "Mom Would NEVER Let Me Do THIS At Home!!!" / PM / 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Tuition for Each Camp is $150.

However, you can save $50 by choosing the "Stay & Create" option. This means you can attend both camps in the same session for only $250, instead of $300. Students who stay all day, simply bring a sack lunch and picnic with friends and the counselors between camps. We always have several staying all day and several who choose their favorite camp and do only the morning or afternoon camp. We strive to give you the best value for amazing art instruction anywhere near here as well as options to fit your budgets and busy summer schedules!

Tuition includes all supplies & instruction, a T-shirt, one art piece comes home in a wooden frame or made on wood ready for hanging and an art show on the last day.

Feel free to call anytime with questions. 423-645-7779