Glass Cutting Boards

These are BEAUTIFUL! Our tempered glass cutting boards hold any image on the back side and shine through the front in such a lovely way. You really have to see one in person!

They are so pretty, but they’re not just for cutting. Try serving on them too. Sit one out with cheese and a slicer on it or arrange food on it for a beautiful and unique presentation.

What a fabulous gift for the cook in your life. Moms, Dads, Grandmas – even your grill-master needs prep work. If you customize with your child’s art, every time you (or you and your child) use it, he or she will beam with pride! Kid are also SO proud to create art pieces to make into gifts for their grandparents! When not in use, store them in a place of honor. A fun idea is to put your child’s art with “Nobody Cooks Like Nana.” The possibilities are endless!

Art that is rectangular in format will work best for the Glass Cutting Board. Horizontal or vertical will look great. Please leave any special instructions in the comments box.

Please click “Getting The Best Image” for helpful tips on getting the best result - easily.

$ 35.00

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