Remembering hours of fun spent working puzzle after puzzle as a kid brings back all kinds of carefree memories.  Now take that feeling and multiple it by ten because now you get to work a puzzle of your own creation - or that of a dear loved one!  What a special joy for anyone aged 4 to 104!!  Each puzzle is an exact reproduction of your artwork or photo in bright beautiful colors. 

Our Hardboard Puzzles come in a clear plastic show-off box and also have a printed image of your puzzle on the back.  These Hardboard Puzzles are truly special and will last for ages.  The special coating prints a spectacular range of colors with a high gloss shine.  You just have to see them to understand the quality.

Art that is rectangular in format will work best for our Puzzles. Horizontal or vertical will look great. Please leave any special instructions in the comments box.

Please click “Getting The Best Image” for helpful tips on getting the best result - easily.

$ 24.00

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